Monday, April 27, 2009

BENNIE MOTEN 1894-1935 Part 2

Recorded 1929-1930

That Certain Motion, It Won't Be Long, When Life Seems So Blue, Loose Like A Goose, Just Say It's Me, Now Goofy Dust Rag, Rumba Negro (Spanish Stomp), Jones Law Blues, Band Box Shuffle, Small Black, Every Day Blues (Yo Yo Blues), Boot It, Mary Lee, Rit Dit Ray, New Vine Street Blues, Sweetheart Of Yesterday, Won't You Be My Baby, I Wish I Could Be Blue, Oh Eddie, That Too Do (Good Morning Blues), Mack's Rhythm, You Made Me Happy, Here Comes Marjorie



  1. wunderbar! but where, I ask through my gratitude, are the more unusual items from 1929? Moten made some very good and non-routine recordings in the year of the crash . . .
    BUt suddenly so much of him again already, Oi!

  2. in response to anonymous, the initial post was a mistake, the 1929-1930 folder has been added here and the 1930-1932 post follows. please note the folders have been altered.

  3. Even more Wunderbar!

    Delighted to have the intervening numbers!!!

    the same anonymous as above

  4. Some person of knowledge and good taste who asked for Jab Jones postings (there are also four Jones tracks under the name Poor Jab on which Jones sings rather than playing jug or doing the piano thing he did with John Estes and Yank Rachel in 1929) asked in a posting about another of these three wonders of the universe about Basie. The second pianist on Michigan Rag is Bennie's nephew Bus(ter Moten) who joined the band from Terrific Stomp onward and commonly soloed on accordion. Bus's postwar recordings on Capitol indicate a not very distinctive swing style. As for Bennie .... see previous posting (I was the anonymous above)

  5. Ah, part two is down. Do you mind?