Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CLARENCE WILLIAMS 1898-1965 Part 1

Recorded 1926-1933

Would Ja, Senegalese Stomp, Cushion Foot Stomp, P.D.Q. Blues, Take Your Back Bottom Outside, Baltimore, Take Your Black Bottom Dance Outside, You'll Long For Me (When The Cold Wind Blows), Yama Yama Blues, Church Street Sobbin' Blues, Close Fit Blues, Sweet Emmalina, Log Cabin Blues, Shake It Down, Red River Blues, Walk That Broad, Mountain City Blues, Whoop It Up (1)



  1. Thanks so much for the Clarence Williams, and for all the amazing posts on your site. You definitely have the best site for early jazz anywhere!

  2. who sings female vocal parts? Bessie Smith?

  3. Hello Jazz Friend, Please take a look at
    Cordially, Dan Vernhettes