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Recorded 1925-1928

Original Tuxedo Rag, Careless Love, Black Rag, I'm Satisfied You Love Me, My Josephine, Station Calls (1), Station Calls (2), Give Me Some More, Dear Almanzoer, Papa's Got The Jim-Jams, As You Like It, Just For You Dear I'm Crying (1), Just For You Dear I'm Crying (3), When I'm With You, It's Jam Up, The Sweetheart Of T.K.O., Ta Ta Daddy



  1. Are these actual cds or are they put together by you . They are interesting posts

  2. they have been compiled from a variety of sources

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  5. Discography

    Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orch./ Sam Morgan's Jazz Band
    Recorded in New Orleans 1925-28. The complete recordings including a recently discovered alternate of "Station Calls."

    Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra
    Oscar Celestin, "Kid Shots" Madison (cnts.), William Ridgley (tbn.), Willard Thoumy (clt. & alto sax.), Unknown (tnr. sax.), Manuel Manetta (pno.), John Marrero (bjo.), Simon Marrero (sbs.), Abby Foster (dms. & swannee whistle).
    New Orleans, Jan. 23, 1925
    1. 8906-A Original Tuxedo Rag (Celestin) Okeh 8215
    2. 8907-A Careless Love (-) Okeh 8198
    3. 8908-A Black Rag (Ridgley) Okeh 8198

    Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra
    Oscar Celestin (cnt.), August Rousseau (tbn.), Paul Barnes (clt. & alto sax.), Earl Pierson (tnr. sax.), Jeanette Salvant (pno.), John Marrero (bjo.), Abby Foster (dms.), Charles Gills (voc.).
    New Orleans, April 13, 1926
    4. 142014-2 I'm Satisfied You Love Me (Marrero) Columbia 14200-D
    5. 142015-2 My Josephine (Barnes) v-CG Columbia 636-D
    6. 142016-1 Station Calls (Marrero) Columbia 636-D
    7. 142016-2 Station Calls (Marrero) Columbia 636-D
    8. 142017-2 Give Me Some More (Barnes) Columbia 14200-D

    As April 13, 1926 session except add Ricard Alexis (cnt.), Sid Carriere (sop. & tnr. sax.), Simon Marrero (sbs.); Abby Foster, Ferdinand Joseph (voc.).
    New Orleans, April 11, 1927
    9. 143953-1 Dear Almanzoer (Celestin) Columbia 14220-D
    10. 143954-2 Papa's Got The Jim-Jams (Marrero) v-AF Columbia 14220-D
    11. 143955-1 As You Like It (Barnes) Columbia 14259-D
    12. 143956-1 Just For You Dear, I'm Crying (Marrero) v-FJ Columbia 14259-D
    13. 143956-3 Just For You Dear, I'm Crying (Marrero) v-FJ Columbia 14259-D

    Oscar Celestin, Ricard Alexis or George McCullum (cnts.), August Rousseau or William Matthews (tbn.), Clarence Hall (clt. & alto sax.), Oliver Alcorn (clt. & tnr. sax.), Jeanette Salvant (pno.), John Marrero (bjo.), Simon Marrero (sbs.), Josiah Frazier (dms.).
    New Orleans, Oct. 25, 1927
    14. 145018-3 When I'm With You (Marrero) Columbia 14323-D
    15. 145019-2 It's Jam Up (Celestin) Columbia 14323-D

    Oscar Celestin, Guy Kelly (cnts.), Ernest Kelly (tbn.), Earl Pierson (clt. & alto sax.), Sid Carriere (clt. & tnr. sax.), Jeanette Salvant (pno.), Narvin Kimball (bjo.), Simon Marrero (sbs.), Abby Foster (dms.).
    New Orleans, Dec. 13, 1928
    16. 147632-2 The Sweetheart Of T.K.O. (James) v-AF Columbia 14396-D
    17. 147633-2 Ta Ta Daddy (Celestin) Columbia 14396-D

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  7. Great Band! Missing youtube clip, can you help?

    I wonder if any one can help me out with a query.

    There used to be a couple of clips on youtube of the Original Tuxedo Jazzband in the 1960's (I guess) playing on a TV show.

    One of them was the band playing "Eh la Bas", and needless to say it was sublime.

    Now it has been removed by the user, I would love to be able to trackdown a copy on the internet somewhere.

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  9. Hello Friends, There is no video of the Original Tuxedo Orch. I have most of the photographs of this band, and will publish a story of Celestin in Jazz Puzzles volume 2 (together with some others, like Sam Morgan, Armand Piron, Peter Bocage, Sidney Desvignes, Charlie Creath, Fate Marable, Dewey Jackson, Davy Jones, etc.....). Please take a look at
    or contact me at
    Cordially, Dan Vernhettes

  10. ¡Fant├ística Banda! ¡Gracias por todo!