Sunday, April 26, 2009

JELLY ROLL MORTON 1890-1941 Part 6

Recorded 1930-1939

Mississippi Mildred, Each Day, Oil Well, Load Of Coal (Load Of Cole), Crazy Chords, Primrose Stomp, Strokin' Away, Blue Blood Blues, Gambling Jack, Big Time Woman, I'm Her Papa, She's My Mama, I'm Her Papa, She's My Mama, New Crawley Blues, She Saves Her Sweetest Smiles For Me, Never Had No Lovin', Never Had No Lovin', I'm Alone Without You, Sergeant Dunn's Bugle Call Blues, Oh Didn't He Ramble (1), Oh Didn't He Ramble (2), High Society, I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say, Winin' Boy Blues (1), Winin' Boy Blues (2), Climax Rag (1), Climax Rag (2), Don't You Leave Me Here (1), Don't You Leave Me Here (2)



  1. The link is broken ; would you reupload it, please ?
    Thanks a lot for all these wonderful contents.

  2. I'm also one of those anonymous visitors who thank you for your time and effort, I really enjoy this kind of music. Like Andreas said, this link is broken, if you still have this record available it would be great if you post it again!

  3. This link is inoperative. Was the file withdrawn for legal reasons, or might it be possible for you to revive the link? It seems that this file contains some of my favorite Morton recordings - solo piano accompanying Morton's lovely singing.

    Thanks greatly for posting this collection!

  4. Very very nice wook, but I sorry something wrong with the file
    Part 6, he tell me is lost. Can you do something please it was a
    nice collection of Jelly Roll morton 1890-1941
    Thank you very much - Marcel

  5. pleeeeeeeasssseeeee the part siiiiiiix :?

    thank you so much

  6. Hi, it would be great if the link could be fixed again :-))